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BBNH Enterprises, Inc. is a food service company specializing in performance nutrition to our nation's warrior athletes.  BBNH is committed to providing high-quality service and fresh ingredients to our menu items.  We understand the importance of proper nutrition to enhance the warfighter performance during training.  


BBNH Enterprises, Inc. has a dedicated travel team able to support exercises at any location across the US. This travel team has experience with many special force exercises, as well as the expertise and efficiency to execute a meal service plan utilizing BBNH’s proven quality control process.


Our areas of expertise:  

DFAC operation  *  Full Food Service  *  Mobile Kitchen for off-site training

Quick Mobilization for Emergency Support or Training

"The food service technicians were professional, efficient, and provided phenomenal support to our team. 
The ability to have nutritious, well-prepared food options on hand allowed our staff to focus on training without creating disruptions or losing momentum in our exercises.  
Your staff integrated into our rhythm seamlessly and there was never a time that made us second guess our decision to contract chow support."
-- Special Operations Forces SEA, 1st Marine Raider Battalion

Hiring in the following locations:

- Plainfield, Indiana

- Sparta, Wisconsin

- Helena, Montana

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